Practical tips for designing and delivering training

How many times have you seen projects delayed because the project team underestimated the required efforts for designing and delivering a training solution?

This impacts the project and can cause non-negligible delays which will then incur tens of thousands of dollars in costs to the organization. In this article, we would like to bring a new perspective on how you can reduce those risks, delays, and costs by applying a simple but effective 3-step approach.

A Simple 3-Step Approach

There is no doubt that training is a very important component of change management when it comes to preparing people for the change and helping them learn the required skills to do their job differently. The question that always comes back is ”Where do I start?” or “What is the first step I must take in developing a training plan?”

It’s not a tricked question, but you’ll probably think that the answer is too simple to be true. It’s just that simple!

You’ll need to determine IF you need a training plan. Contrary to popular belief, not all organizational changes require one. Then you may ask ‘’But how do I determine if my initiative needs a training plan or not?’’

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