We work with you to co-create sustainable and engaging Organizational Change Management, Communications and training activities. The field of organizational change management is quite complex, which makes the intervention of an organizational change management specialist hard to estimate. The required knowledge is specialized and its role is complex since, first and foremost, it caters to support a large number of people in change. Using a structured and dynamic approach, the specialist provides support to stakeholders at all levels of an organization.

Why choose Connectiviti ?



Our team has a wide experience in different fields that require specialized knowledge. It takes over 10 years to acquire the level of expertise that we offer. The field of organizational change management is quite complex and requires a solid experience across multiple projects.

Certified and recognized internationally

As a proud member of APMG International, we refer to an international reference framework to offer a practical and sustainable approach. Our consultants are certified and hold advanced degrees in business administration, human resources management or information technology. They also hold complementary certifications that make them excellent coaches, advisors or trainers.

Easily integrates into any Project Management methodology

The methodology we use is agile and can adapt itself to any project methodology. What better way to ensure the return on investment of your project.

Our Offer


OCM Mandate: Strategic Intervention

Includes building with you the overall strategy and change management plan, establish a governance to conduct quality assurance activities and validate content of critical deliverables, and coach strategic client resources to execute the plan and develop change management deliverables.

OCM Mandate: Partial Intervention (Strategic and partial tactical)

A mix between a strategic role and a role where we provide direct support in the implementation of certain change management activities, while allowing you to manage the areas of change management that you master. The planned efforts will be allocated according your needs.

OCM Mandate: Complete Intervention (Strategic and Tactical)

We accompany you from A to Z across all the strategic, governance and tactical roles of a change management intervention. We accompany you in all areas of activities of change management (communication, mobilization, training, documentation, deployment, support and measures of success).

Our Approach


We support your business leaders throughout their decision-making process

Leaders are more solicited today than ever before. Mastering their change skills is essential in these chaotic periods of change. We aim to support your leaders in making complex change decisions as they take the role of a transformational leader and help them build their change narrative and key messages.

We consult your stakeholders to better address their concerns

We consult them early in the process to get their perspectives on the transformation agenda. Together, we identify the impacts, we engage them in being positive influencers and we develop with them strategies that will boost their level of engagement and that of their employees and managers.

We involve the right people to co-create sustainable solutions

Why not involve them as subject matter experts, consult them to help develop the new business processes, engage their abilities by trying out prototypes or invite them to participate in focus groups to take the organizational pulse. This way, they will co-create sustainable solutions and adopt the change in record time.

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