The WSC Model: A Diagnostic Blueprint and Managerial Guide

Change is an inevitable and integral part of an organization’s journey towards growth and progress. Whether spurred by the adoption of new technologies, shifts in leadership, or changes in the industry landscape, adaptability and innovation through change are key factors that enable organizations to remain competitive. However, effectively managing change can be a daunting challenge, requiring a structured approach that addresses the concerns and needs of all stakeholders involved. 

The WSC Model: A Framework for Change Management 

Over the past few years, while collaborating with numerous managers, we have consistently encountered three crucial topics that underpin their concerns when preparing their teams for impending changes within their organizations. These areas of focus revolve around the mobilization of teams (Will), the development of the requisite skills for efficiency and performance (Skill), and ensuring teams have the time and resources to achieve their full potential (Capacity). It is here that the WSC model takes center stage. 

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