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Leaders in Action in a Context of Change

Instructor: Stefan Achard
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Today’s leaders need to rethink their way of thinking and acting as they must use their influence to bring out the best in their teams that are at the heart of organizational change.

One of the big challenges for today’s leaders is to take on companies that are built on past business models while at the same time confronting the business challenges of the 2020s: obsolescence and technological acceleration, intergenerational transition, redefinition of markets and business boundaries, diversity of the workforce, etc.

This workshop presents an interest for:

  • Executives on management teams
  • Consultants and / or organizational development specialists in a management team
    Senior and lower level Managers
  • Collaborators at the center of project or program teams
  • Any employee exercising a professional activity where the quality of the relationship with others is decisive to better fulfill his / her missions
  • Consultants / specialists in human resources, training and development within organizations or consulting firms
  • Understand the organizational context and market trends that influence your business
  • Know your organizational culture and management processes
  • Situate your organization’s predisposition to change
  • Create a governance structure and coalition to undertake change
  • Anticipate resistance to change
  • And more …
  • Instructor Lead Training (remote or in class)
  • eLearning
  • Blended (eLearning and Instructor Lead)
  • Duration: 1 day (call us as we have several options available)
  • Prerequisites: none

Connectiviti is committed to delivering concrete content, demonstrating essential change management tools, and providing interactive, participatory and lively training. The content of this training is constantly adapted to changing market needs and best practices in change management.


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