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Learning about Organizational Change Management

Instructor: Stefan Achard

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This workshop is an essential starting point for immersing yourself in the complex world of change management practice. It allows anyone in an organization to understand what a change management intervention is and to identify at a high level what changes are coming and what steps are required to move from a current situation to a target situation.

  • Bring perspective to the practice of change management within projects
  • Situate potential types of role in change management
  • Better understand the added value of different types of change management advisor

This workshop presents an interest for:

  • Senior Managers and managers in companies
  • Project and Transformation Program Leaders
  • Computer, management or any other area related to change management consultants
  • Anyone wishing to learn and discover the practice
  • Organization and the context of change
  • Introduction to an integrated change management approach to project management
  • Various types of potential mandates within the projects and their added value
  • Return on investment of sound change management
  • Discussion: Real case lived in business
  • Instructor Lead Training (remote or in class)
  • eLearning
  • Blended (eLearning and Instructor Lead)
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Prerequisites: none

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