Connectiviti is a training provider recognized by APMG International™ since 2018.

The APMG Change Management Certifications recognize knowledge and experience in dealing with the theories of how change impacts, and is affected by, individuals, teams, organizations and leaders of change initiatives.

Connectiviti is a training provider that offers certifications that were created in collaboration with The Change Management Institute (CMI) – the global, non-profit association of change managers committed to advancing the change management profession. Change Management certified professionals are recognized for possessing the knowledge and skills to support smooth organizational change.

Obtain one of two international Change Management Certifications:

Organizational Change Management Foundation

The Organizational Change Management Foundation Certification course is a 3-day program that equips you with the knowledge and tools to understand leadership and change, guidance on understanding and gaining employee engagement and overcoming resistance, and techniques to inspire your employees to embrace change and sustain it throughout the change initiative.

This certification for professionals in organizational change, transition and transformation roles certifies your ability to:

  • Perform the role of a highly effective organizational change or transformation advisor or manager
  • Choose from multiple professional approaches to enable an organization to implement change smoothly
  • Keep stakeholders engaged while an organization undergoes change or transformation
  • Identify and minimize the risks involved with unsuccessful organizational change initiatives
  • Identify the roles needed to assemble teams most likely to deliver successful change
  • And more …
Organizational Change Management Practitioner

The Organizational Change Management Practitioner Certification course is a 2-day program that builds on content worked on in the Foundation course to equip you with more portfolio and program management views of how major initiatives are managed.

  • Identify organizational drivers of a change initiative and the links with governance structures
  • Establish a clear framework of roles, skills and actions through which leaders from different levels can support and sustain the change process
  • Draft and direct the communication plan for the change initiative lifecycle
  • And more …

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Become a Certified Change Management Trainer

As demand is rising for Change Management and other complementary fields, we are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are interested in contributing to the team by becoming a certified Change Management Trainer and to work with us to enrich our training portfolio and diversify its content.

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