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Practitioner in Organizational Change Management

Instructor: Stefan Achard
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You have more than 10 years of experience in change management and have worked in a number of major projects and programs? This certification is for you.

This certification aims to help experts develop skills necessary to implement effective change initiatives and ensure their success. It is about perfecting the art of change management to better guide organizations at the heart of the technological, social and business changes caused by the challenges of the 21st century.

This certification course provides a strategic dimension to the content presented in the Foundation’s certification course for Organizational Change Management. The valuable knowledge base offered with this course is intended to deepen the concepts of major projects, transformation programs or a portfolio of projects and programs of organizational change.

This course prepares you for the Certificate of Change Management Professional certification and the AMPG International Certified Change Management Practitioner designation.

  • Professionals who have passed the APMG Certification: Change Management Foundation and who wish to obtain a higher level of certification recognized worldwide
  • Aspiring or current managers of organizational change, transition or transformation.
  • Those who play key roles in the design, development and delivery of organizational changes
  • Managers of a change management team or leaders of a transformation program or portfolio of major organizational change projects and programs
  • Senior Managers: VPs, AVPs, Directors

This training is intended for an audience already expert in the strategic area of ​​change management consulting. We ensure that we have diverse and complex content to enable related professionals or project leaders with potentially different organizational realities to engage in activities related to change management.

  • Applying appropriate process frameworks to optimally plan and understand organizational change.
  • A range of organization paradigms with which to understand, support and sustain organizational change processes.
  • How to properly prepare for an organizational change initiative – such as building an effective change team and offering insights which enhance the team’s performance.
  • Preparing people for organizational change.
    How to be motivational in ways that’s empathetic towards peoples’ roles and personalities.
  • How to establish a clear framework of roles, skills and activities through which leaders can support and sustain the change process.
  • Instructor Lead Training (remote or in class)
  • eLearning
  • Blended (eLearning and Instructor Lead)
  • Duration: 2 days (call us as we have several options available)
  • Prerequisites : Changement Management Foundation Certification

Connectiviti is committed to delivering concrete content, demonstrating essential change management tools, and providing interactive, participatory and lively training. The content of this training is constantly adapted to changing market needs and best practices in change management.

  • This training is certified by APMG International and is recognized worldwide
  • Title: Change Management Practitioner
  • Objective testing based on a case study scenario
  • 4 questions of 20 marks each
  • 40 marks required to pass (out of 80 available) – 50%
  • 5 hours duration
  • Restricted open book – The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook may be used in the exam


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