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Managing Change in Action for Professionals

Instructor: Stefan Achard
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This training is aimed at a seasoned change management public who wants to develop their technical skills to produce a comprehensive and strategic diagnosis of change management in a timely manner.

It caters to Change Management Advisors and Consultants who have been practicing for several years and wish to solidify their skills by following a practical and proven methodology, without however seeking a complex and expensive certification. This training aims to sharpen your skills and complement your experience while providing access to recognized strategic tools specific to the field of Organizational Change Management.

This workshop presents an interest for:

  • Professionals who have followed the certification of Change Management Foundations and who wish to systematize their approach
  • Any member of a team of organizational change, transition or transformation (advisor or consultant)
  • Professional working in a field related to change management who wants to complete his portfolio of recognized certifications (project leaders, Lean and Six-sigma, TIPA, ITIL, PMP, SCRUM Master, process management, business analysis, etc.)
  • Anyone wishing to develop their methodological approach to change management.
  • Follow a strategic approach in change management
  • Use strategic tools in change management
  • Produce an effective strategic diagnosis in the context of project feasibility
  • Develop a global high-level change management strategy
  • Case study: Produce a strategic diagnosis of an ongoing project in your company
  • Instructor Lead Training (remote or in class)
  • eLearning
  • Blended (eLearning and Instructor Lead)
  • Duration: 3 hours (call us as we have several options available)
  • Prerequisites: none

Connectiviti is committed to delivering concrete content, demonstrating essential change management tools, and providing interactive, participatory and lively training. The content of this training is constantly adapted to changing market needs and best practices in change management.

The content of this training is based on recognized approaches in Organizational Change Management


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