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Start your change management career with us.

Our teachers

As demand is rising for Change Management and other complementary fields, we are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are interested in contributing to the team by becoming a certified trainer and/or by enriching our training portfolio and diversifying its content.

Change Management Consultant and Certified Trainer

Change Management Consultant and Certified Trainer

Mr. Saeed Kamazany is a Change Management, Training, andCommunications professional with over 12 years of experience in diverse domains and industries, namely banks, oil and gas, insurance, petrochemical, telecommunication, mail and parcel delivery, and higher educational institutes in both public and private sector.

Change is what you make it.

Stefan Achard, Instructor

Change before you have to

Jack Welch, American business executive

Become an Instructor

To become an instructor, we offer three (3) options:
• You have already built a training content in a Management or any other complementary field and you would like to use our platform to market your course online
• You have experience in training people in a Management or complementary field and are interested in becoming a certified trainer with us
• You are looking to help build more courses in one of our curricula and/or need help with developing your content.
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Contact us to discuss how we can collaborate and develop new opportunities to help you live your passion as a trainer.

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