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With a focus on small and mid-sized organizations, we are specialized in helping Managers and Leaders build actionable business and management strategies to help embrace impactful organizational changes. Connectiviti operates at the intersection of knowledge building, personalized coaching for change leaders and actively participating in project implementations.

Our Organizational Change Management expertise has been built over the last 15 years from a broad and concrete experience across multiple mandates within various types of organizations, both in the public and para-public sectors and in private companies. Our consultants are certified in different approaches obtained from different recognized certifying organizations like APMG International™ and PROSCI™.

Our simple and effective approach to consulting is to properly assess and analyze the context of the organization we work with to recommend an integrated personalized Change Management strategy that addresses the challenges it faces. We collaborate with our clients to lead and support both their transitional and transformational change programs.

Some of our work includes: accompaniment in putting in place the needed governance of the change, diagnosis and evaluation of the pre-disposition to change, proposing an integrated OCM strategy and plans, monitoring and implementation of the delivery of activities resulting from the overall strategy, helping our clients measure the success of change.

Our organization is an assured provider of exceptional service. The organization has been accredited by APMG International, benchmarked against exacting standards. You will find the information by clicking on this link:


Our Partners

At Connectiviti, our strength lies in the work we do with our many partners. Strategic business partnerships allow small and mid-size businesses to take advantage of complementary skills and knowledge at a rate that big consulting firms can’t offer.

The main objective of partnerships is the true synergy of one plus one equals five instead of two!

We sincerely thank the participating organizations, consultants and specialists that make our work possible.


As partners, we open our markets to each other. We all are stronger at home as we have our own market, contacts, and resources within our geographies. Partnership can make us strong in multiple locations.

Complementary Products

You have a product that we don’t offer, or we have one you don’t? Partnership expands our product and services portfolio.

Ability to Deliver

We sincerely thank the participating organizations, consultants and specialists that make our work possible.

Mouvement Paradoxe

La gestion du changement, c’est faciliter les transitions en mobilisant et en supportant les acteurs clés. Il s’agit d’aller ensemble vers une nouvelle destination, avec un plan et une idée claire, pour avancer au bon rythme et sans risque superflu. Le pont entre le point de départ et la destination finale est le gestionnaire du changement.

Country: Canada

Cathy Mastrianni Consulting Services

An experienced project manager with over 20 years of working in the ERP and Information Technology who’s experienced in complex and simpler environment. Her experience and contribution to project deliveries as project manager, coordinator and coach is well recognized.

Country: Canada

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