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Why are Sponsors important

According to PROSCI: “Employees look to senior Leaders for messages (both spoken and unspoken) about the project’s importance and the organization’s commitment to the change.

On a side note, PROSCI is derived from the first syllable in the words Professional and Science. They believe that scientific principles and research can be applied to organizational settings in order to achieve greater outcomes. This belief has led them to creating the largest body of knowledge on change management, constantly asking new questions about how to better manage the people side of change in a structured and repeatable way.

PROSCI conducts a detailed benchmarking study every two years where they survey Change Management professionals, study multiple change projects in different countries and organizations, conduct many interviews, and report their findings every two years by publishing a complete report.

In each of PROSCI’s benchmarking studies from 1998 to 2017, participants identified active and visible Sponsorship as the #1 contributor to success when it comes to change implementation. A proof that the Sponsor’s role is critical to the success of a project.